Driveway Sealing & Repair

Driveway Repair is the most crucial part of maintaining the health of a driveway.  There are many environmental elements that cause your driveway to deteriorate and become damaged which if not addressed can become very costly in the future. Your home is usually your biggest single investment and your driveway is a major part of that investment. As the price of reinstalling or resurfacing a driveway continues to rise, maintaining it is a wise choice. To replace your driveway will surely cost thousands of dollars while sealcoating costs just pennies per square foot. Periodic sealcoating will add curb appeal to your home and nearly double the life of your driveway.

The images below are actually color photos. When we review your driveway it is to this level of detail that we examine every aspect. line cracks are the beginning signs of asphalt paving distress. They are evaluated and filled using hot or cold crack filler depending on the damage and visual desire of the owner. Once the cracks are filled we begin the sealcoat process. areas are caused by base failure and/or high viscosity levels that make the ground hard and brittle. These areas may sink or breakup.  We use our “Gator Pave” asphalt emulsion to solidify the damaged area. This is an option, however replacement is often needed. are areas that have broken apart due to water, freeze-thaw cycles, etc. In most cases we can use a cold asphalt patch to repair these areas.


Our Process 

1- Clearing- The driveway is cleaned thoroughly using industrial air blowers and wire bristled power brooms to ensure all debris is removed.
2- Power washing- Upon request and if needed we will power wash the driveway if there is heavy mildew, dirt or tree sap present to ensure proper adhesion of sealer.
3- Driveway Repair- Pot holes, line cracking and alligatored pavement is repaired. (See Driveway Repair Sheet)
4- Oil and Gas stains- Stains are primed and brushed thoroughly to remove the damaged surface.
5- Hot Seal- Upon request, the borders of the driveway will be hot sealed. The foundation of the home, the sidewalk and the street can all be hot sealed upon request for an additional charge.
6- Edging-The edges are brushed by hand to ensure no overspill occurs. This makes certain that all decorative stone and borders are protected.
7- Sealcoat- Finally the driveway is sealed using our spray or hand method with ‘Star Seal’ Coal Tar based driveway sealer. The sealer is mixed with 250 lbs of sand to give extra grip, stronger texture, and to help fill all smaller surface cracks.